Top 10 Trending Beer Styles

Charleston Beer Works Top 10 Trending Beer Styles

Here at Charleston Beer Works, we like having options. That’s why we have more than 48 beers on tap every day! We’re highlighting a few of our favorite brews for you to try out and enjoy this summer.

These top 10 trending beer styles are sure to get your taste buds going:

AMERICAN IPA: With a golden, red amber color this beer is sure to provide a piney, herbal, and citrus flavor with hops as the shining star. An elevated bitterness also enhances this favorite.

AMERICAN LAGER: A generally very clean, crisp, and high carbonated straw golden color does very little in the way of malt of hop character.

AMERICAN WILD ALE: Although it’s commonly referred to as “sour” beer, with a range of fruit additions it gains a sweeter taste witch also creates a variety of colors.

NEW ENGLAND IPA: This top style has more of a juicy tropical hop flavor but without the bitterness. You’ll be sure to enjoy this hazy drink on even a sunny day!

BELGIAN WITBIER: An unfiltered ale with a pale, cloudy appearance due to the high levels of wheat has a crisp tang sweet taste from the coriander spice and orange peel combination. Garnished with a lemon or orange tops off this top 10 style!

STOUT: With a dark color paired with toasted malt this style has a roasted flavor. This flavor ranges from the bitterness of coffee to the sweetness of chocolate.

GERMAN HEFEWEIZEN: Starting with the roots, “hefe” means “with yeast” which provides a distinct banana and clove flavor with a cloudy appearance.

GERMAN PILSNER: This straw, pale colored beer style has a nice malt sweetness with a slightly elevated grassy hop bitterness.

AMERICAN BROWN ALE: With it’s amber to brown color, this roasted malt with caramel flavors has slightly more hop bitterness than the brown ale from across the pond.

MEXICAN LAGER: With the use of Vienna malt this lager has more of a malt character and more of a dry acidic flavor compared to an American lager taste. It’s light golden amber color fills the glass!

Come stop at 480 King Street, Charleston, SC to get a taste of these trending beer styles!