Holy cow! You’ve Got to Try this Milk Stout.

As the name implies, the “Udderly Milk Stout” by Westbrook Brewing Co., is brewed with lactose (milk sugar). The result is a luxurious and creamy beer that is dark in color. If you can contain yourself for long enough, inhale the pleasant aromas of coffee and chocolate before taking the first sip. Observe the beer’s appearance- the dark brown color and frothy head. Without further ado, open wide and take a gulp of this deliciously silky stout. The Udderly Milk Stout packs a lot of flavor without being overly bitter, and achieves the right feel with subtle carbonation.

If you find yourself a bit hungry while enjoying the Udderly Milk Stout, the Moules & Noodles mussel plate is a perfect pairing.

Hold on…mussels and milk stout? You heard right, this pair makes perfect sense. Our Moules & Noodles dish features PEI mussels that are cooked in a porter beer broth, and served with a linguine carbonara and grilled baguette. The balance of the briny bite of the mussels with the chocolaty milk stout plays on all five of your taste sensations. It is a known culinary fact that salt and chocolate go together. The sweetness of the mussel will in turn counter any slight bitter finish the beer may have, and you are left with the ultimate creamy feel every good stout should have.