Meet Chef Jason Dupree

We are excited to welcome our newest addition to the Charleston Beer Works team, Chef Jason Dupree! We spent some time interviewing Chef Dupree so you can get to know him too!
Where did you grow up?
“ I am originally from, Philadelphia, PA.”
Where does your passion for cooking come from?
“ My passion in cooking/hospitality was developed very early in life working with grandfather’s catering company.”
Where did you attend college?
“I went to Johnson & Wales University at the age of 18 (last class to graduate from The Charleston Campus before it was relocated to Charlotte) with a Bachelors in Food Service Management.”
What do you like to do in your free time?
“I love traveling to different cities to experience and research new food trends and ideas. I also enjoy being intricate with each step and pride myself in perfecting technique to create the best tasting dishes possible.”
What is your personal favorite dish to make?
“I am simple minded when it comes to my personal preference, put me in front of a outdoor grill with a couple pieces of meat and I’m a happy man!”
What are you most excited about working at Charleston Beer Works?
“I am most excited about joining the CBW team for a few reasons. I am able to put my creative twist on personal favorite dishes to express and share my culinary vision. I always enjoyable working with different employees in Charleston small F&B families. I also am able to spread and teach the information that I’ve learned from past employment experiences to up and coming hungry individuals that have the same interest in hospitality as me!”   
Check out some of our permanent, rotating and special dishes from from Chef Dupree below!