468 to 480 – Charleston Beer Works is Moving Up!

We’ve seen a lot of change on Upper King since opening at 468 King St. in 2003 – and we’re following suit! Charleston Beer Works is excited to announce we will be moving to 480 King Street next year! Our new space will feature two stories, two bars, and patio seating!

One thing that we won’t be changing? Always offering Charleston 40+ craft and local beers on tap, fresh, local food, and more sports on our TV’s than you could possibly ever watch! See what Eater Charleston had to say about our move and stay updated with all things Charleston Beer Works with our newsletter!

480 King as of April 23, 2015 (Starting date, images progress as you scroll!)

480 King Renderings – April 30, 2015


Outdoor Images – May 4, 2015


May 25, 2015

Future Stairway Opening

French Doors leading to the alley


480 as of 6/15:

July 29, 2015

Upstairs Bar

Downstairs Bar, Charleston Beer Works

Front Stair Case

480 King as of August 17, 2015!

Upstairs Bar

Downstairs Bar

480 Exterior

480 Windows

New Patio Space

We love the natural lighting!