Beer 101: Beer Pairings

We all enjoy feasting on delicious food and drinking alcohol that is equally (okay, more) delicious, but it is important to know how to pair the two together to create a complementary meal. Since each craft beer has its own distinct components and flavors, certain beers pair better with specific types of food. While tastes and preferences differ from person to person, these suggested pairings can help you make the most of your next dining (and drinking) experience.

Amber Ale: pairs well with chicken, seafood, Buffalo wings and burgers (can accompany a wide variety of foods)

American Wheat Ale: pairs well with salad, vegetables, and sushi

Cider: pairs well with pork chops, crispy chicken, and soft cheese

Dry Stout: pairs well with steak, oysters, and hearty foods (try one with our Wicked Steak Sandwich)

India Pale Ale: pairs well with spicy foods, Gorgonzola cheese, and sweet desserts

Lager: pairs well with shellfish, tacos, and pork

Pale Ale: pairs well with burgers and meat (try one with our burger of the month)

Pilsner: pairs well with chicken, salmon and salad (try one with our House Salad)

Porter: pairs well with barbeque, blackened fish, bacon, and sausage

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