Star Spangled Soccer

Recapping the World Cup

June wouldn’t have been complete without a packed bar, 40 beers on tap, and LOTS of American flag apparel. Although the “U-S-A” chants will be sorely missed after Tuesday night’s 2-1 loss to Belgium, we are excited to see what the rest of the tournament holds!


Playing Their Hearts Out, While Stealing Ours

Through the star spangled Converses, light up wayfarers, and American flag capes, it is evident that the US still came out on top, breaking through their underdog label. Starting with June 16th’s 2-1 win over Ghana, the US soccer team had a nation united in cheering, nail-biting, and believing. After the initial win against Ghana, the US lost a hard battle to Germany, 0-1, tied up with Portugal 2-2, and then lost in an outstanding overtime match against Belgium to land them in the top half of the 32 team tournament.


Leading the Pack

With 8 teams and 6 tournaments to go, many are looking towards Germany and Colombia for the 2014 World Cup Champions. Germany has played very consistently throughout the tournament and has one of the most important factors on its side, experience. On the other hand, where the German team has been inconsistent, Colombia has held its own. The team has hardly been touched sporting a W3-0 vs Greece, W2-1 vs Côte d’Iviore, W4-1 vs Japan, and W2-0 vs Uruguay.


Quarter Finals

Even without the red, white, and blue gracing the field, make sure to join us for the quarter finals beginning July 4. Friday kicks off with France vs Germany at 12 PM, Brazil vs Colombia at 4 PM, and don’t forget to stick around for Mozo from 10PM-2AM!

The second round will start Saturday, July 5 with Argentina vs Belgium at 12PM, Netherlands vs Costa Rica at 4PM, and we will close down the house with Undercover Brothers from 10PM-2AM. Can’t wait to see you all here, and we won’t judge you if your first choice of beer this week isn’t Belgian!